Welcome to my video page! I’m happy to share some practices with you that I often do myself at home. Open them up to full screen for the best playback! Please listen to your own body and modify, adjust, or take out any poses that are not suitable for you or that don’t feel right. Stay in tune with body and breath at all times to keep you informed on how you are feeling. While yoga is a mind/body discipline that may help promote strength, flexibility, and stress relief, some aspects may not be appropriate at certain times and for certain medical conditions. The information contained in my videos is not intended to replace medical advice. I encourage you to consult your own healthcare provider or a physical therapist about what exercises, movements, and practices are right for you.

May you be safe, healthy, happy, and at ease!

Energizing Yoga 1 (48 minutes)

Yin Yoga 1 (54 minutes)

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