NAMASTE! I am happy to offer these guided meditations for any time you are in need of a break, a boost, or some quiet time. The meditations range from about 5 minutes to 30 minutes, some with a brief musical piece at the end so you can transition back to your day with ease (all music used with permission). So sit comfortably, close your eyes, and enjoy…




MEDITATION FOR REST AND RELAXATION (no music; can be done lying down):

MEDITATION FOR SELF-CARE THROUGH IMAGERY (no music; can be done lying down):

YOGA NIDRA (no music; done lying down; deeply relaxing 1/2 hr practice):

For an interesting article that describes the practice of Yoga Nidra, see HERE.

MINDFUL JOINT RELEASE PRACTICE (gentle mindful movement practice; done seated/lying down; 1/2 hr practice with short meditation at end)

MEDITATION BREAK BY THE LAKE (short audio/visual meditation you can do anytime you’d like to “escape” to the lake for a break!)

MEDITATION BREAK IN A GARDEN (short audio/visual meditation you can do at your desk or anytime you feel like a “nature” break!)

CALMING MEDITATION (no music; can be done before bed to help promote sleep; this meditation is downloadable – just click on the 3 dots)

GRATITUDE MEDITATION (no music; a way to warm your heart space!)

BREATH MEDITATION (no music; a short breathing practice you can do sitting or lying down)

SUMMER SOLSTICE MEDITATION (no music; breath-awareness meditation)

WORKDAY MEDITATION (no music; less than 10 minutes; great for a workday break!)

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