Coffee and Travel

Oh the things we take for granted at home…like the low cost of a cup of coffee! We all know that airports jack up the prices for food and conveniences but the equivalent of $7 CDN for a coffee??? Please…however, I paid it so I guess I’ve just fuelled the economy in Switzerland and gave into a habit that seriously needs to be curbed before I get to India!


In London I had one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted at a little French bistro called “Cafe Rouge”. A great Americano with real cream (not the low-fat version I buy at home) accompanied by mini samplers of tarte tatin, a tiny chocolate lava cake, and a lemon torte. I happily dropped 15 GBP for that brief moment of pleasure…and then the moment was gone.

This was after walking through the luxury departments in Harrod’s – room after room of decadent goods with big price tags. As I gazed through the glass at a piece of jewelry with a cost of over 15,000 GBP, I wondered who would pay that much, how they would justify the cost, and in wearing it would it make them feel more important?

So I just finished off my $7 cup of coffee, every last drop…and I’m feeling jittery. Okay that’s it…no more. Time to let go of the habit and contemplate the value of much more important things.

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  1. Edna Kennedy said,

    October 30, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    So prices were even more expensive than London Anne – good job you weren’t drinking that fizzy alcoholic drink called Picasso or something like that. Water for you from now on…… xxxxxx

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