Late Summer Bounty

In my backyard, I do not have a vegetable garden, but I am blessed with a lot of friends who do. So at this time of year, I am usually the recipient of a variety of garden goodies, from tomatoes to herbs to giant zucchinis! While the produce at the store might look shiny and fresh and colourful, there is nothing that tastes more “real” than the gift of something hand-grown with love from a friend.

Garden veggies


I like to think that home-grown fruits and veggies are infused with positive energy; that someone took time, patience and care to nurture and support their growth. Sure, some plants are higher maintenance than others and require that extra bit of “tending” while others seem to grow better if you leave them alone. Some don’t survive no matter how much we want them to, while others seem to grow out of control and take over the garden (i.e. giant zucchinis!). Some just wither away when we forget or neglect them, while others we must physically yank out and discard when growth is just not happening…Doesn’t this sound like a metaphor for relationships? Can we take the same approach when nurturing our friendships and family interactions? The ones that blossom beautifully are the ones we take time with – we pay attention, we invest positive energy, and we support growth rather than stifle it. And when it is clear that weeds of negativity, misunderstanding, judgement, and impatience are growing fast, we take appropriate action before they become so overgrown that nothing can be saved.

I have a note card that says “Happiness must be grown in one’s own garden” and I truly believe that if my backyard is filled with love, then whatever grows there will reflect that, whether it is a tree or a person. Today as I’m weeding and poking around in my backyard, I might just contemplate a few things and see if I can become a better gardener…both in my own garden and in my life…

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  1. Glynis said,

    October 7, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Love your words and YOU! You are a beautiful flower who makes many smile.

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