De-clutter and Detach

Today my backyard is a soggy wet field of green, and the forecast calls for continuing rain . A possible blessing in disguise, at least for the next couple of days. Because if it was beautifully sunny out, I would be tempted to chill on my back deck, laze around in my green chairs with a beverage, and snooze the long weekend away. Remove the lure of sunshine and along comes the perfect opportunity to blitz the basement and de-clutter.

De-cluttering is a true test of detachment; of letting go of what really is no longer important. I think it is safe to say we ALL have some “hoarding” tendencies. We hold on to STUFF forever (not only in our closets but in our hearts and minds), even though we may not look at it or use it or even really know where it is buried deep in the basement. Sure we have sentimental items that remind us of special times or people; all it takes is one look at the item and all those wonderful (or not so wonderful) memories come flooding back. Other things we have long forgotten about and wonder why we even kept them in the first place. And then there are those things we keep “just in case”…in case we MIGHT use it, MIGHT fit into it again, MIGHT give it away, MIGHT be valuable one day…

How do we cut these strings of attachment? It starts with being mindful of how we cling, why we cling, and our reluctance to let go. It means recognizing that some things we can truly live without; then we take that step to cut the cord. It might not be easy, maybe even downright unpleasant and painful, but it is necessary. Yogis and sages have taught that the regular cleansing of one’s bodily “temple” provides a clean, pure, sacred space for the soul to reside in. Regular meditation clears and calms the mind. Why not use the same wisdom for our homes? Clear the boxes, cobwebs, old trinkets, and non-useful things so that energy can flow freely. We don’t have to get rid of everything…but making space lets us breathe, move, and live a little lighter, in body, mind, and home.

So as I venture into the basement, with all good intentions of slicing and dicing and clearing and purging, I’ll let you know how it REALLY goes…

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