Today was a day to send out energy…A family in our neighbourhood lost their daughter to a tragic car accident recently. I cannot imagine how devastating this must be, and of course as my mind went to my own boys, I wondered how I could ever deal with the loss of either one of them.

Support comes in many forms, from direct contact to well-wishes from a distance. At the visitation I was able to hold both parents today, to feel their heartache, to share their grief; and like many others who were lining up behind me, we offered the family energy to keep on moving forward. From a distance, I can continue to send them strength by dedicating my practice to them. If energy travels, surely they will feel it.

This morning I taught a particularly powerful yin yoga class; powerful for me as I sat at the front holding space, just listening to the collective breath of the group. I suspect that others may have felt it, too, in some way. As a teacher, it might be surprising for people to know just how much I get back from my participants. There is a mutual exchange of energy within the group, so that those who have an abundance to give will support those who are in need of a lift.

Sometimes, without us even realizing it, someone…somewhere is sending us strength, love, compassion, healing. If we are open to receive it, we have the support to do just that – heal…

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